Hello to you. My name is Rachael and I’m a 26 year old Primary School teacher living in the county of Hertfordshire UK.

I love reading, this love was nurtured when I was a child and I devoured books. As I grew older I didn’t necessarily read as much but did still love finding a good book to enjoy. I decided to study English Literature at university. This meant that I got to widen my enjoyment of reading and discover new genres and book types. Towards the end of my degree I was looking forward to gaining the freedom to choose my own books again – I didn’t always enjoy the books I had to read for my course. However when I had finished my degree I struggled to pick up a book – over the course of a couple of years I couldn’t find many books I wanted to read – I read a few but I was a little lost. It wasn’t until I found the huge book community on Instagram and YouTube that my love for reading was enlightened once again.

My Instagram is @little_bit_of_literature and its completely dedicated to everything book related.

I read every genre, I’m not fussy, although my favourites are Fantasy and Historical Fiction – if you have any recommendations then please let me know – I love discovering new books.